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Water District Map

Information on this page will be updated as the districts progress.  You may also check the Town Board Minutes for discussion at the Board Meetings.  Everyone is encouraged to attend Town Board meetings which are held on the second Monday of each month (see the website calendar) at 7:00 p.m.  You may find more information on the Genesee County Water Resource Agency page on the Genesee County Planning page of the county's website.

12.28.17: Bethany Town Board approved the Water Supply Agreement Between the Town of Bethany and Genesee County.

Water District #2 - (Red on the map above, upper right) (This District is complete)

Water District #2 will be going out for bid.  If you would like the specifications for hooking up to your residence, please contact the Town Hall  We can email, mail or you can pick up a copy of the specifications to enable you to get pricing from contractors for installation of the necessary lines, etc.

Approval from the Office of the State Comptroller has been received.  The next steps include district formation and bonding.  This district should be put out to bid in the next couple of months.

Update 10.11.17:  The resolution of the Final Order to Establish Water District #2 and the Bond resolution were both passed by the Town Board.  This will allow the district to proceed toward the bond sale and bidding of the work.

Update 11.13.17:  It is anticipated tha the district will be out to bid in December and awarded in January or February.  Working for a January award but that will depend on the timing of the approvals from the USDA-RD (design, pre-award, and post-award).  We anticipate that the low bidder for Stafford 11/Bethany 3 will be very aggressive and go after Bethany 2 so that they can be done consecutively.

Update 12.11.17:  Will be going out to bid next week.

Update 02.12.18:  Monroe County Water Authority is working on two easements.

Update 03.12.18:  MCWA still working on two easements for creek crossings on Little Canada Road and Torrey Road.

Update 04.09.18:  One propery owner in the district declined to sign an easement.  The district is in the process of being redesigned to move the lines to the opposite side of the road.  The property owner on the opposite side of the road is interested in signing the easement.

Update 05.14.18:  The easements have been signed.  The bid notice is being published and the bids will be opened on June 6, 2018.

Update 06.19.18:  The bids for this district were opened and has been awarded contingent upon approval from USDA-Rural Development and insurance and bonding being in place as approved by the Town Attorney.  The Supervisor has authorization to execute the agreement with the contractor (Randsco Pipeline, Inc.) and issue the Notice to Proceed once these conditions have been met.  MCWA will be scheduling a sign-up meeting.  Residents of this district will be receiving packets with information and instructions.

Update 08.13.18:  Sign-up meeting with MCWA Tuesday, August 14, 2018.  If you missed this meeting, you may call MCWA or mail in your payment.  The preconstruction meeting was held on Monday, August 6.  Construction is expected to begin in approximately one month and be completed in one month after starting.  Ransco Pipeline plans to have two crews working simultaneously for the quickest completion.

Update 08.14.18:  Monroe County Water Authority will be holding a Sign-up session on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm in the Bethany Community Center located at 10510 Bethany Center Road, East Bethany, NY.  You should receive an information packet from MCWA prior to the meeting. This will also be a time to address specific questions to MCWA and make payment in person.

Update 09.10.18:  Pipe is going in the ground.

Update 10.10.18:  Progress meeting held this morning and contractor will be finished tomorrow.  Waiting for certification from Health Department.  The contractor's application for the first payment was approved.  A change order was approved allowing leftover funds to be applied to the installation of pumps for the residences that required them.

Update 11.13.19:  Four of the five booster pumps that were installed have failed.  Supervisor Hyde has negotiated to have them replaced at no charge to the homeowner even though the pumps are out of warranty.

Water District #3 - (Green on the map above) - This district is complete.

Update 11.13.17: This project is out to bid with bids being opened on November 27, 2017 at 2 pm at the Stafford Town Hall.  After the bids are opened a submission is made to the USDA-RD asking for permission to award.  The game plan is to award on December 14, 2017, then a second submission is made to the USDA-RD to schedule the pre-construction meeting, which will most likely be after the first of the year.  All water main should be installed and in service by April or May.  Please note that the actual construction will take 30 days, but the contractors were given a 120 day window in order to make sure that 5 bids were received.

Update 01.11.18:  Each eligible property owner in District 3 will be receiving an information packet from Monroe County Water Authority.  MCWA will be holding a Sign-up Session at the Stafford Town Hall on February 6, 2018 from 3 pm - 7 pm.  There will be a contact number for MCWA should you have any questions concerning the information in the packet.

Update 12.11.17:  Bid opening tonight in Stafford along with Stafford District #11.

Update 02.12.18:  Bid has been awarded.  Residents have met with MCWA to establish their accounts.

Update 03.12.18:  Installation will begin in April.

Update 04.09.18:  This district has been laid out and marked.  Digging will begin soon.

Update 05.14.18:  The installations of lines in this districe are one-half complete.  The portion that has been installed has been pressure tested.

Update 06.19.18:  The contractor has turned on to Transit Road.  The lines on East Bethany-LeRoy Road have been pressure tested and disinfected.

Update 07.09.18:  People have started to install lines to their homes.

Update 08.13.18:  Residents of this district have water to their homes.


Water District #4 - (Red on the map above - Lower Left - portion of Creek Road and Putnam Road)

Prior to 10.17.17:  Currently working on SEQR and loan and grant funding.

Update 10.11.17:  A letter of support for this district was received from the Genesee County Health Department.  The Health Department performed well testing at the request of homeowners in the area finding that 25% of the wells tested did not meet the standards for potable water and are contaminated with coliform and e.coli.

Update 11.13.17: The USDA-RD pre-application will be sent in a day or two.  Then it is a waiting game for the potential funding package.

Update 02.12.18:  Working on a funding package.

Update 04.09.18:  A letter from the Health Department had to be resubmitted.  The funding package should be moving along.

Update 05.14.18:  Supervisor meeting with Clark Patterson Lee and Rural Development.

Update 06.19.18:  The SEQR has been done.  The application has been submitted to Rural Development.  There will most likely be comments and additional things that they will want addressed. 

Update 06.09.18:  The Map, Plan & Report was present to and accepted by the Town Board.  An Informatational Meeting has been set for Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Community Center.

Update 08.09.18:  An Informational Meeting was held on Wednesday, August 8, at 7:00 p.m. at the Bethany Community Center.  Eric Weis, Project Engineer from Clark Patterson Lee, presented the project and provided an informational sheet.  He explained well abandonment, noted that pressures are more than adequate for fire supression, and answered general questions regarding hooking up, etc.  This information will also be provided in a packet that will be supplied by the Town of Batavia prior to istallation of the water lines. 

Rural Development sent a letter today announcing that the Town has been offered a grant in the amount of $722,000 toward this project leaving the remainder of $455,000 to be financed in the form of a USDA Loan at approximately 2.375%.  The projected Debt Service Payment is approximately $402.46 per unit assigned.  The estimated Yearly Water cost ($5.36/1000 gal x 63000 gallons) would be approximately $337.68 per year.  The cost of water useage would be paid through quarterly billings.    The $5.36/gallon charge includes the county surcharge of what is currently $.60, which is used towards maintenance and upgrades to the water system.  The County Legislature may vote to increase the surcharge at any time.

Petitions were made available for attendees to sign.  Anyone who was unable to attend the meeting may come to the Town Clerk's Office at their earlies convenience to sign the petition.  By signing the petition means that you are voting yes for the water district.  Not signing, is a no vote.  51% of the total assessed value of the district is required for the project to move forward.

An Informational Meeting was held for the residents of Water District #4 on August 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm.  An informational sheet and the petitions are available for signatures at the Town Clerk's Office. If you would like to sign the petition, please do so as soon as possible.  There is a very short time frame before they have to be filed for funding. 

Update 09.10.18:  Petitions have been turned in with 70% of the assessed value of the district signing.  A public hearing for the establishment of the district will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, October 10, 2018 at the Bethany Town Hall and Community Center.  Click pdf HERE (88 KB) for Public Hearing Notice.

Update 10.10.18:  Resolution and Order to Establish the district was approved by the Town Board.  See October 10, 2018 Town Board minutes for the full resolution.  The loan and bond resolutions were also approved by the Board (10/10/18 Town Board minutes).

Update 11.12.18:  Funding Paperwork is in progress.  Hoping to go out to bid sometime in December.

Update 02.11.19: Funding paperwork is still being completed.  May go to bid next month.

Update 04.08.19: Paperwork is still being completed.

Update 08.12.19: Paper work is almost completed.  One easement is being held up by a sale but once that is completed the district should be ready to go out to bid.

Update 10.16.19: Almost ready to go out to bid.  Legal Services Agreement was approved by the Town Board.

Update 11.13.19:  The last easement has been signed.  Once the Town of Batavia has approved the Inter-municipal agreement, pre-bid will be scheduled.

Update 06.29.2020:  The bid has been awarded for this district and construction will begin in August 2020.

Update 08.10.2020:  There are extra blue marker flags at the Town Hall for anyone who may still need one to mark where they would like their connection placed at the road.  There is also paperwork that needs to be completed and returned to the Town of Batavia.  Please feel free to contact the office for these items.

Update 09.14.2020:  Pipe should be coming.  Contractor has a 120-day window to complete the project.

Water District #5 - (Blue on the map above)

Click pdf HERE (2.49 MB) for the September 17, 2018 presentation.

As many of you are aware, the County has made comments in recent months concerning getting public water to 70% of the residents of Bethany.  The Town Board has met with county representatives to discuss these comments.

Phase II of the the county water project has taken on a form instead of words and hopes.  The Town Board is currently in negotiations with Genesee County to make it a real possibility.  The propoosed areas are delinieated in blue.  This area will require 2 water towers and 1 pumping station.

The total cost for this project is approximately $14,000,000 with a large portion of the cost being negotiated from the county.  Funding is still being negotiated therefore, a cost per unit is not known at this time.

As the details are being worked out, there will be public meeting and discussion at Town Board meetings.  As noted previously, updates will be noted here as discussions progress.

Those that are in favor or opposed to the formation of the water district are encouraged to contact the Town Supervisor. 

Update 10.11.17:  Feed back from the public is being received indicating that residents in this area are in favor of public water.

Update 11.13.17: The current focus is on the unit count and hydraulics.  The unit count is critical, as it plays into the annual debt service amount.  Hydraulics includes computer modeling and will need approval from MCWA.  They will dictate the actual connections needed in Stafford, tank elevations, potential tank locations and pump sizing.  Once the hydraulics are approved, the estimate can be updated.  The target is to have the district boundary, unit count, hydraulics and estimate done by the end of the year.  This puts us into position to have a public meeting in January.  Based on the public meeting, and more importantly the committment from the County for the $4.5 million, hopefully a funding application can be started in February.

Update 12.11.17:  Received a quote for the performance of the Median Household Income Survey (MHIS).

Update 02.12.18:  MHIS will be going out.

Update 03.12.18: Waiting for signed water agreements with Genese County from the towns of Batavia, Darien, Pembroke and Bergen and the Village of Corfu.  Genesee County Legislature is doing what they can to move the project along.

Update 04.09.18:  The County is still waiting on the unsigned water agreeements.  The Legislature is doing what they can to move the project along.  The MHIS should be starting shortly.

Update 05.14.18:  Batavia and Bergen have signed the water agreements with the county.  Waiting for signed water agreements from the towns of Darien, Pembroke and the Village of Corfu.  Genesee County Legislature is doing what they can to move the project forward.  The list for the Median Household Income Survey is being compiled.

Update 06.19.18:  This district will be moving forward.  The County is close to resolution with the Water Supply Agreement.  This will allow the County to move forward with their commitment of $4.5 million to the district.  The list for the Median Household Income (MHI) survey is being compiled.  Environmental review will be perfomed.  It is estimated that this district will be approximately two months behind Water District #4.

Update 07.09.18:  The list for MHI survey is almost complete and the surveys will be mailed shortly.  Timely return of these surveys is imparitive to moving the district forward.  Please be sure to return your survey as soon as possible.  Also, please note that these surveys are collected and tablulated by a third party.  Town officials do not have access to your income information or any other information collected in the survey.  The survey provides a median household income used to determine funding eligibility. 

Update 08.13.18:  The MHI survey has been mailed.  The first mailing contained some errors and had to be corrected and remailed.  An Informational meeting has been scheduled for Monday, September 17 at 6:00 p.m. at the Bethany Community Center.

Update 09.19.18:  An Informational Meeting was held on Monday, September 17 at 6:00 p.m.  at the Bethany Community Center.  This meeting was well attended.  A presentation given by Eric Weis of Clark Patterson Lee.  The presentation can be found pdf here (2.49 MB) .

Update 11.12.18:  The Median Household Income (MHI) Survey figures have been submitted to Rural Development for approveal.  A meeting will be scheduled with the residents of this district.  May possibly go to bid in July or August if all goes well. 

A letter has been received from the attorney of the owners of the property located at 5435 Paul Road stating that they do not want public water.  Because approximately one mile of pipe is being eliminated from the original plan to take public water to the property, it will allow for the extension of the water district for approximately one mile south of East Road on Route 63.

Update 02.11.19:  Funding paperwork is in progress.  There will be an informational meeting for the residents of this district.  May go to bid in June.

Update 04.08.19:  Working on easements and hydraulics. 

Update 08.12.19:  An archaeological study was required for this district.  Waiting for those results.  Funding from the County is still earmarked for this project.

Update 10.16.19: Resolution of SEQRA Notice of Intent to Serve as Lead Agency for this district was approved by the Town Board.  Notice will be sent to all intrested parties and they will have 30 days to respond.

Update  11.13.19: The environmentals are complete.  Will be moving ahead with easements and other required paperwork.

Update 06.29.2020:  The Town Board has approved the intermunicipal agreement  with Genesee County and it should go before the County Legislature shortly.  Once this agreement is approved by the Legislature, Rural Development will need to give their blessing.  Once that is received the project should be able to go to bid.

Update 08.10.2020:  The IMA commiting $4.5 millon from Genesee County has been approved and signed by the Legislature.  The application for the remainder of the funding from Rural Development is almost complete.  MCWA and CPL are working on the hydraulics and the Map Plan & Report.  Planning the location for the water tower that is to be located near the Town Hall.

Update 09.14.20:  As soon as the letter concerning water quality and quantity is received from the Genesee County Health Department the final application will be submitted to Rural Development.  It should be ready by the end of September.

Proposed Water District #6

image Proposed Water District #6 Map (2.92 MB)  (Shown in Red)

Update 08.10.2020:  Supervisor Hyde has received several inquiries concering a water district reaching into the Linden area.  A tentative district has been outlined and sent to CPL for investigations.  It would most likely include a water tower and a pump station.  The proposed district could include West Bethany Road to Route 20, Route 20 to Francis Road, Silver Road, Mill Road, Linden Road, Smith Road, East Road to the Canon residence, Bethany Center Road, Marsh Road and Raymond Road.