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Folder Town Board Meeting 2022



11 July 2022


***Please note that this meeting is being held outside of Executive Order 202.1. The Town of Bethany is not technologically equipped to hold virtual meetings and therefor, must meet in person to conduct essential business. The public is welcome to attend however, facial covering and social distancing regulations must be adhered to.

Supervisor Hyde opened the July 11, 2022, Regular Town Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer lead by Councilman Embt.

Town Officials in Attendance were:
Carl Hyde, Jr., Deputy Supervisor Timothy Embt, Councilman
Diane Fowler, Councilwoman Steve Wells, Councilman
Shauna Klump, Town Clerk


Shauna Klump presented the finances for June 2022.

General Fund $1,148,284.03
Highway Fund $ 1,064,220.95
AP/PR Account $ 73,689.35
Trust & Agency Account $ 2,885.91
Highway Checking $ 1,064,220.95
Capital $ 24,439.45
Water District #2 $ 51,403.85
Water District #4 $ 3,229.30
Water District #5 $ 0.00
Petty Cash $200.00

Total $2,371,113.63

Revenues Received
Shauna Klump, Town Clerk $ 1,492.10
US Post Office $ 100.00
Genesee County sales tax $ 0.00
Thomkins $ 113.12
Chapter One communications $ 0.00
Joseph Nowakowski, Justice $ 2,810.00
USDA Captial $ 24,085.20
NY tax/Judge $ 15.00


Total Revenue $ 55,557.64


Town Clerk Report – Shauna Klump
- Presented the Minutes of the June 2022, Regular Town Board meeting.

A motion was made by Councilman Fluker, duly seconded by Councilman Embt, to approve the Minutes of the June 2022 Regular Town Board meeting as presented. Motion passed with All In Favor.
- The Clerk’s Monthly Report for June and bank statements for June 2022 were reviewed by the Town Board.
- Motion was also approved to now add a $1 fee for late dog licenses.

CEO/ZEO – Darin Loft
- Zoning permits, 3 additions, 3 pole barns, 2 pools, 1 woodstove, 1 roof solar, 1 GO thermo
- Building permits, Same as zoning
- Field inspections, 6
- Calls for information, 35


Highway Superintendent Report – Barbara Czworka
• Finished grader paving Mayne Rd, did end of black top driveways on Batavia Bethany Townline RD/
• Shoulders put on Mayne RD, Batavia Bethany Townline road and Brown Road.
• June 16, 2022, mowing tractor 6106E waiting on parts, to put mower back together. Went to get other mowing tractor out and would not start, Thanks to Sam Holmes, who came to help us trouble shoot our problem, tried to get starter off on our own and found out we needed a special took to get starter off. So, Landpro has the special took. Starter needed a new solenoid is now on, Tractor ran good for test run.
• Phone quite working, still having trouble getting my info from the cloud.
• We have Putnam Rd cemetery mowed and weed whacked.
• Roadside spraying has been done
• Help from Batavia, Stafford and Oakfield
• Helped Pavilion, Batavia, Alexander, Pembroke, Alabama
• 1201 is at fleet maintenance, 1204 is not back yet.
• Looking into pricing and numbers to replace salt shed as it has been deemed unsafe.


-Board Committee Reports
Councilman Wells-No Planning board meeting
Councilwoman Fowler- Next water meeting is July 12.


Supervisor Hyde-

• Discussed plans for the Water District meeting on the 20th.
• Also, added to conversation about the fire dept. Mercy Flight taking more of the fire departments ambulance calls. More information to come. Councilman Fluker will keep updated.




• Water District #5 meeting 7/20- @ 7pm
• Resolution for NYCLASS



A MOTION was made by Councilman Embt, duly seconded by Councilman Wells to adjourn the meeting at 8:12 p.m. The motion PASSED with All In Favor.

BY ORDER OF THE Respectfully Submitted,
DATED: July 11, 2022 Shauna P. Klump, RMC
Bethany Town Clerk


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